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What is Medicaid?
Who is eligible? How do I apply? Is there out-of-state coverage?
Where do I apply?  What services are covered? Who accepts Medicaid?
Do you need a ride to a medical appointment?  I need to speak with someone. What is HIPAA?

Typical People who Benefit from Medicaid services.
Bob wants to make sure his family has medical care but he can't afford it.
(Sounds like me!)
Sally wants to put her kids in a
daycare facility and needs help.
(Sounds like me!)
Frank has been taking care of
his elderly father, but needs nursing home services. (Sounds like me!)
Debbie needs to get her
kids to a dentist.
(Sounds like me!)
Marie is 65 years old and wants to know what services are available to her. (Sounds like me!) John has a long-term disablity and needs medical coverage.
(Sounds like me!)

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