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  SC Medicaid Trading Partner Enrollment


Should you intend to conduct electronic transactions with South Carolina Medicaid, you must first complete and return a Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) to South Carolina Medicaid Provider Outreach. The TPA delineates the responsibilities of both the provider and SCDHHS.

Once S. C. Medicaid Provider Outreach staff receive your completed TPA, they will contact you to give instructions on how to proceed. Should you intend to create files and send them yourself, the S.C. Medicaid EDI Support Center staff will set up an electronic mailbox for you, assign you a user I.D. and password, and notify you that you may submit a transaction for testing. The testing process evaluates both the format of content of your transaction to ensure it is HIPAA compliant.

If you plan to use a clearinghouse to conduct your transactions, it will not be necessary to set up a mailbox for you, nor for you to test with S.C. Medicaid.

  • Approved Vendor List 03/26/12
  • Communication Guide Updated 10/18/2011
  • Trading Partner Agreement 10/30/12
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  • Trading Partner Agreement Enrollment Instructions for Vendors and Clearinghouses
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