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  Provider Enrollment Information


To Participate

In order to participate in the Medicaid program, a provider must be licensed by the appropriate licensing body and/or certified by the standards set by the Agency and be enrolled in the SC Medicaid program.

Effective July 1, 2006, health care providers must have a national provider identification number (NPI) and a taxonomy code to enroll with the SC Medicaid program. Most Medicaid providers are health care providers. Some examples of providers that are not health care providers needing an NPI are community long term care providers unless they render LPN or RN nursing services, residential care facilities, and non-emergency transportation providers.
More information about Applying for an NPI.

To Become Eligible

In order to become eligible to participate in the Medicaid program, providers are required to either complete a provider enrollment agreement form or sign a contract with DHHS depending on what type of services they provide.  By signing the provider enrollment agreement or contract, the provider agrees to comply with all federal and state laws and regulations. 

To Receive An Enrollment Package

To receive an enrollment package for a non-contracted provider, providers can contact provider enrollment by phone at 1-888-289-0709
or send a written request to Medicaid Provider Enrollment,
POB 8809,
Columbia, SC 29202-8809.

Contracted providers have to submit a request in writing to the DHHS Division of Contracts,
POB 8206,
Columbia, SC 29202-8206

or contact them by phone at
(803) 898-2605.