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  Community Long Term Care (CLTC)

Care Call

The Care Call system is an automated system used for service documentation, service monitoring, web-based reporting, and billing to MMIS. For documentation of personal care services provided in a participant's home, workers call a toll free number upon starting and ending services. For other in home services and services not provided in a participant's home, providers call a toll free number to document service delivery or document service delivery on the Internet. In all cases, services documented are compared with the prior authorization to determine if the service was provided appropriately.

For monitoring of service delivery and reporting, real time reports allow providers and case managers to monitor participants more closely to ensure receipt of services. On a weekly basis, Care Call generates electronic billing to MMIS for services provided. Only authorized services and the total units provided (up to the maximum authorization) are submitted to MMIS for payment. This billing ensures accuracy of claim processing.

To access the care call website please visit www.scc.govconnect.com .