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  HIV/AIDS Waiver


CLTC may be able to help individuals of any age who are eligible for Medicaid, have HIV/AIDS, and are considered to be at risk for hospitalization.

Personal Care I Provides assistance with general household activities.
Personal Care II Helps with activities such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, housekeeping, and observing health signs.
Attendant Care A client directed service to provide personal care assistance.
Companion Services that provide short-term relief for caregivers and needed supervision of clients.
Environmental Modification Pest control services and minor physical adaptation to the home.
Home Delivered Meals Regular or special diet meals delivered to the client's home.
Private Duty Nursing Provides skilled medical monitoring, direct care and intervention in order for health care needs to be maintained through home support.
Foster Care Provides a supplemental payment based on the individual needs of children in DSS Foster Care diagnosed with AIDS.
Prescription Drugs Provides two additional prescription medications above State Plan limit per month.
Limited Incontinence Supplies and Nutritional Supplements Provides limited supply of diapers, underpads, and nutritional supplements.