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  Mechanical Ventilator Dependent

  This program can assist persons age 21 years or older who are dependent upon mechanical ventilation.

Personal Care I Provides assistance with general household activities.
Personal Care II Helps with activities such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, housekeeping, and observing health signs.
Attendant Care A client directed service to provide personal care assistance.
Environmental Modification Pest control services and minor physical adaptation to the home.
Private Duty Nursing Provides skilled medical monitoring, direct care and intervention in order for health care needs to be maintained through home support.
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Provides an electronic device which enables high risk individuals to secure help in the event of an emergency.
Prescription Drugs
Institutional Respite Care Temporary relief for the caregiver by admitting the client to an inpatient facility (nursing home or hospital).
In-Home Respite Care Provides temporary relief for the primary caregiver and maintains the client at home to avoid institutionalization.
Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies Medical supplies to assist with care at home.

Mechanical Ventilation Waiver Info