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  Nursing Home Level Of Care Certifications 

CLTC is responsible for conducting pre-admission screening for clients who are accessing Medicaid sponsored nursing home care. This screening process assures clients meet the required level of care, skilled or intermediate, for nursing home placement.

A part of this process also includes Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASARR) screenings, a federally mandated program, which requires each state to screen individuals for any indication of mental illness or mental retardation. CLTC will refer to the appropriate agency(s) if the screenings reveal indicators of mental illness or mental retardation. All individuals applying for, or residing in, Medicaid -certified nursing facilities must have a PASARR screening, regardless of their method of payment.

Applying for a Medicaid sponsored nursing home placement

The Long Term Care Assessment Form and South Carolina Assessment and Level of Care Manual.