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Current SCDHHS Form 181

Billing Due Dates October 2011 - December 2012

Billing Advisories

Provider Policy and Procedures
See Section 2 of Provider Manual

Provider Reimbursement Training Packet
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Provider Billing Information
  • See Section 3 of the of Provider Manual
  • Electronic Funds Transfer of Payments from DHHS
  • Deductions for incurred medical expenses
  • Medicaid Refund Form 205 and Instructions

  • Effective February 15, 2010 all Medicaid providers, including nursing homes, ICFs/MR and swing bed facilities, must access their remittance packages via the Web Tool.

    Remittance advices and ECFs will no longer be mailed. Payment will still be made the third Friday of each month. Billing procedures have not changed. TADs will still be mailed and will be due, with attachments, on the first working day of each month unless requested earlier to maximize processing time.

    Please see the Medicaid Bulletin dated November 13, 2009.

    To access the Web Tool, see:

    To view the Medicaid Bulletin, see:

    Hospice Information
    Hospice - Billing for Nursing Facility Room and Board Training Manual
    Invoice for Facilities to bill Hospice Agencies for room and board

    Provider Bulletins
    Provider Bulletins

    Nurse Aide Abuse Reporting and Investigations
    Call 803-545-4205

    How to verify the status of a SC CNA
    See Search The Nurse Aide Registry

    How to Contact Other States' Nurse Aide Registries
    Other States' Nurse Aide Registries

    Feeding Assistant Program
  • Training Program Curriculum
  • Question and Answers

  • How to obtain forms
    1-800-506-7254 fax 803-898-4528

    How to Determine Medicaid Eligibility
    Determine Medicaid Eligibility

    How To Determine Level of Care
    Determine level of care

    PASARR (Pre- Admission Screening and Annual Resident Review)
    See Section 2 Provider Manual

    State Licensing Regulations
    State Regulations - Nursing Facility Provider Licensing
    or 803-545-4370

    Provider Enrollment
    Provider Enrollment

    Code of Federal Regualtions (CFR)
    Code of Federal Regulations

    How to Arrange Transportation
    Arrange Transportation for a Medicaid Recipient