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My relative needs to go to a nursing home and needs financial help
  • where do I start looking for help?
  • General Information for Applicants and Beneficiaries

  • Who in my county determines eligibility for nursing home Medicaid?
    Medicaid Application: Check List of Documents

    How can I find more information on Income Trusts?

    Income Trust Overview 2007.pdf

    How to obtain information regarding the use of Income Trusts to establish LTC Medicaid eligibility:
    Income Trusts

    How can I find a Nursing Home?
  • List of all licensed - Medicaid, Medicare only and private -nursing homes in SC.

  • List of only Medicaid Certified Nursing Facilities by county

  • How to compare nursing homes when you need to pick one.
    NH Compare

    How do I report problems at a nursing home?
  • DHEC Complaint Hotline - 1-800-922-6735
  • The SC LTC Ombudsman link

  • How do I arrange transportation to and from medical appointments for someone on Medicaid?
    Transportation Information

    What if a resident needs eyeglasses, dentures, etc?
    See Section 3 of Provider Manual - Non-Covered Medical Expenses

    If a resident wants hospice services while in a nursing home
    See Section 2 of Provider Manual - Non-Covered Medical Expenses

    Where to go to report discrimination
    Office of Civil Rights

    Nurse Aide Regulations and Registry

    Residents Rights
    Residents' Rights

    Estate Recovery
  • Estatedepartment@scdhhs.gov
  • See Section 2 of Provider Manual - Estate Recovery

  • Criminal Backgrounds of Caregivers
    Information on criminal background check for direct care staff

    Lt Govs Office on Aging
    For more information on Aging - Lt Gov's Office on Aging

    Genral Information About Medicare
    General Information About Medicare
  • Information For Caregivers of Medicare Recipients

  • Medicare Ombudsman Page

  • Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Information

  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
    1604 N. Country Rd.
    Tuscan, AR
    Tel: 1-520-881-4005

    Protection & Advocacy for People With Disabilities, Inc.
    3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 208
    Columbia, SC 29204
    Tel: 803-782-0639
    Toll-Free: 1-866-275-7273
    Charleston: 1-800-743-2553
    Florence: 1-800-868-0752
    Greenville: 1-800-758-5212

    Alzheimer's Resource Coordination Center
    Toll Free: 1-800-868-9095
    Columbia: 803-898-2850