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 Case Management


Case Management Application Process

All new Case Management providers (Agency and Individual) will be required to attend a mandatory training session at SCDHHS. Training sessions will be held bi-annually in March and September. You will be registered for the training when all required pre-contractual information is received at SCDHHS. In order to be registered for the March training, you must have your completed application in to SCDHHS by close of business December 15th. If all information is not received by this date, you will be registered for the September training. Deadline to be registered for the September training is July 15th.

Independent Case Management: An individual that is self-employed.

Agency Case Management: A company that employees case managers.

Scope of Services:

The objective of Case Management is to provide service counseling and support and to assist participants in coping with changing needs and with making decisions regarding long term care. It also ensures continued access to appropriate and available services

Print a copy of the scopes of services. This does not need to be included with the application, but does give information of what is required of you or your agency in providing services for the CLTC program.

Case Managment Philosophy

Quality Assurance Review Process

Quality Assurance Review Instructions

Case Manager Quality Assurance Review Form

Case Management Compliance Guidelines