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  Nurse Aide Training, Testing and Registry Services 

To be eligible to provide direct care to residents of SC Medicaid certified nursing facilities, a person must be a certified nurse aide (CNA).  A nurse aide is deemed certified if the nurse aide's name is on the SC Nurse Aide Registry (SC NAR).  The registry is a database that contains the list of all nurse aides who have ever been certified in South Carolina.  A part of the registry is the "abuse registry" that contains the list of nurse aides who have abused, neglected or stolen from residents.  Once placed on the abuse registry, a nurse aide can no longer work in any Medicaid certified nursing facility in the United States for the rest of his or her life.  If you have a question about specific information on a finding against a CNA or about an investigation, call the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) at 803-545-4205.


The South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry is currently maintained by Promissor.  To confirm a nurse aide's registry status or to apply to take the test, go to WWW.PROMISSOR.COM, Under the heading of "Find Other Services", select "Registry Services" and then choose South Carolina as the state.  Instructions on the web site will assist you in obtaining any information available.  Available information includes confirmation of certification of a nurse aide, the Candidate Handbook, an application to test, an application for reciprocity, regional test site dates and a practice test.  Links to other state agencies and other state's registries are also available.   For detailed information on the SC Nurse Aide Program, review the Candidate Handbook.


All nurse aides, nurse aide training students and nurse aide training instructors must have criminal background checks completed by the SC State law Enforcement Division.  To request a criminal background check, click on the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) link.


Nurse aides who are employed by or who have written offers of employment from a SC Medicaid certified facility cannot be charged any costs associated with training or testing.  For a list of the SC Medicaid certified nursing facilities select Medicaid Certified Nursing Facilities at WWW.PROMISSOR.COM.


It is very important for each CNA to keep his/her address current on the registry.  Otherwise, the CNA may miss his/her recertification time limit and no longer be certified.  Once certification is lost, the nurse aide will have to train and test again to be put back on the registry.  A form to update the address of a CNA is available on the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry web site, WWW.PROMISSOR.COM or you can call 1-800-475-8290


If you have never been on a nurse aide registry in any state, you must take a test to become certified.  You can go to the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry web site, WWW.PROMISSOR.COM to obtain an application to test or you can call 1-800-273-3517.  You must attend a state approved training program before you can apply to test. If you are planning to attend a nurse aide training program, be sure it is a state approved training program so you can take the test. A list of state approved training programs can be found by selecting State Approved Training Programs at WWW.PROMISSOR.COM.. 


If you have been a nurse aide in another state and your certification there has not expired, you can request reciprocity which is similar to a transfer of your certification from any state to South Carolina except you still stay on the registry in the other state.  You can go to the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry web site, WWW.PROMISSOR.COM to obtain a form to request reciprocity or you can call 1-800-475-8290.


If a CNA moves to another state or decides to work in another state, you need to receive reciprocity from South Carolina to the state, you must contact the nurse aide registry of that state.  The South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry web site, WWW.PROMISSOR.COM  provides a link to the registries of some states.  To obtain information on how to contact the registry in a state not available on the website, you may e- mail or call 803-898-2590.


If a training program would like to request an application packet for state approval, the packet is available by clicking on the Training Program Information button.