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   Optional State Supplementation Program (OSS)



What is Optional State Supplementation (OSS)?

The OSS program is designed to provide a monthly payment on behalf of eligible aged, blind or disabled persons who need assistance paying the licensed/enrolled Community Residential Care Facilities where they live.

What is a Community Residential Care Facility (CRCF)?

A facility that offers room and board and which, unlike a boarding house, provides and/or coordinates a degree of personal care for a period of time in excess of 24 consecutive hours for two or more persons, 18 years old or older, and not related to the licensee. It is designed to accommodate residents' changing needs and preferences; maximize residents' dignity, autonomy, privacy, independence and safety; and encourage family and community involvement. Included in this definition is any facility (other than a hospital) that represents to the public that it offers a beneficial or protected environment specifically for individuals with mental illness or disabilities. These facilities may be referred to as "assisted living," provided they meet the definition of a CRCF.

How much is a CRCF allowed to charge OSS residents each month?

  • The State Legislature establishes the CRCF fee each year. The facility cannot charge a resident or his/her family any monies in addition to the fee established by the State Legislature.

  • The Net Income Limit (NIL) effective January 01, 2012 = $1,181 per month.

  • The maximum payment per OSS recipient = $1,100
    [This a combinantion of the eligible residents' income and the OSS payment, less the Personal Needs Allowance (PNA).]

  • The PNA effective January 01, 2012 = $59 and/or $79.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

  • Aged (65 years or older), Blind or Disabled

  • Income at or below the NIL, which is currently $1,181 per month

  • Resources $2,000 or less

  • Resident of a licensed CRCF that is enrolled with SCDHHS to participate in the OSS program

  • Resident of South Carolina and citizen of the United States

  • OSS recipients are allowed to keep $59 per month for personal needs.

  • Eligibles who have income other than SSI are allowed to keep an extra $20 for personal needs. There is a general disregard allowed in the budgeting process.

  • The OSS program supplements an individual's income to bring the total income up to $1,181. The maximum amount the CRCF operator may charge is $1,100. The difference represents the $57 PNA.

  • Facilities must accept the OSS payment as payment in full.

  • Facilities may not charge a resident or resident's family for any difference over and above the OSS rate, even if the family is willing to pay the difference for a private room. The additional payment would be considered income for the resident and could make him/her ineligible for OSS due to income limitations.

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