Continuation of the IPC Program



By a letter dated June 6, 2012, you were advised of the ongoing dialogue between the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) concerning our Integrated Personal Care (IPC) Service.  The letter stated that the IPC program would no longer accept new referrals, effective June 15, 2012.  SCDHHS is hereby rescinding the June 6, 2012 letter.


While we have been advised verbally by CMS that this service must be deleted from our Medicaid State Plan, we have not received official written confirmation from CMS.  SCDHHS is committed to the continuation of this service, or a similar type service, irrespective of the actions of CMS and will agree to fund it with 100% state funding if necessary.  We have been exploring options of how this may work and if we can establish IPC as a second level of our Optional State Supplementation (OSS) Program. During July, SCDHHS will announce a provider/stakeholder meeting for us to obtain input about options for future continuation of IPC.  In addition, we will also solicit input about other issues concerning community residential care facilities (CRCFs) and OSS.


We appreciate your patience as we work through ways to continue needed support for our Medicaid beneficiaries.

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