Medicaid and Medicare scams are becoming more common throughout the country, and often
prey upon elderly and disabled residents for the purposes of identity theft or to fraudulently
purchase goods.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) has recently received multiple reports of residents getting unsolicited calls from individuals posing as Medicaid representatives or workers at medical offices. These callers have attempted to gain personal information, such as Social Security numbers, Medicaid identification numbers and bank account numbers.

In order to safeguard private information, SCDHHS advises Medicaid beneficiaries of the

Be sure to request identifying information from the caller (full name, phone number)
before engaging in any conversation. If still in doubt, discontinue the call and contact
your county office.

NEVER give out personal financial information or Social Security numbers over the

NEVER give out Medicaid information, such as member ID numbers, over the telephone
unless you are personally familiar with the caseworker calling.

Report suspicious calls to local authorities immediately and contact your local Medicaid
eligibility office.

Anyone who suspects fraud and abuse in the Medicaid program is encouraged to call the
Medicaid Fraud Hotline toll-free at (888) 364-3224.

Report Fraud