Changes to BabyNet Services Claims Payment Process


For payment dates effective July 1, 2018, the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) will transition claims payment for BabyNet services from Jasper County Disabilities and Specials Needs (DSN) Board to SCDHHS. Providers must be registered in the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS) before July 1, 2018, to avoid payment delays during this transition. You may register as a SCEIS provider by visiting and following the step-by-step instructions.

Payment Procedures 

Paper checks will be mailed and electronic deposits will be transferred no later than three to five days after the payment transaction has been processed and approved. Payments to providers will be processed within 14 business days from receipt of the explanation of benefits (EOB) given that all of the proper steps were followed to provide the billing coordinator with the required documents and information for payment.

If you prefer payment via electronic deposit, please visit and follow the necessary steps.

In order for an electronic claim to be processed in the BabyNet Reporting & Intervention Data Gathering Electronic System (BRIDGES), the following criteria must be met:

  • The provider must bill private insurance (with consent) and/or Medicaid, if applicable, to receive the EOB for payment or denial. 

  • Provider name, child's BRIDGES identification number and payment date(s) of service must all be listed on the EOB; if possible, please highlight this information.

  • A copy of the EOB is received in the inbox or mailed to:
    South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
    1801 Main Street
    Post Office Box 8206
    Columbia, SC 29202-8206

A webinar will be held June 15, 2018, to further explain the claims payment transition and to answer questions submitted by providers. If you would like your questions to be included as part of the webinar, please submit to by June 6, 2018. Additional information about the webinar will be posted at

Thank you for your continued support of the BabyNet program.

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