Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part C Program (BabyNet) Updates


SCDHHS Launches BabyNet Referral Portal

The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) recently launched an online referral portal. Parents and healthcare professionals can use this portal to access the BabyNet referral process 24/7. In addition to increasing access, the portal will improve engagement with the referral process by providing immediate feedback on the referral status and next steps. The referral portal is available here on the BabyNet website.

Service Log FAQ Posted

In order to ensure service coordinators and BabyNet and Medicaid providers have accurate and up-to-date information about the integration of BabyNet and Healthy Connections Medicaid services, SCDHHS published a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on its website. The FAQs are based on changes announced in the July 10 bulletin and include topics raised during the July 9 and 12 webinars that addressed common errors and issues that arise when entering service logs. A recording of the webinar is also available on SCDHHS’ website. The FAQ page will be updated throughout the integration effort. Future updates to the FAQ page also will be highlighted in future Medicaid alerts.

July 17 Webinar Focused on Changes Announced in July 10 Bulletin Posted

SCDHHS held a webinar “MCOs and Other Related Requirements for BabyNet Providers” on July 17. The webinar focused on changes announced in the bulletin SCDHHS posted on July 10. A recording of the webinar is available here on SCDHHS’ website. The webinar recording can also be found by visiting the BabyNet website, selecting the “For Providers” link, and then the “Announcements” link from the drop-down navigation menu.

Reminder: Providers Must Bill Through BRIDGES

Providers receiving reimbursement from fee-for-service Medicaid and BabyNet no longer need to double-enter billing information. Providers should now enter service logs and billing information through the BabyNet Reporting & Intervention Data Gathering Electronic System (BRIDGES) for dates of service that occurred on or after July 1, 2019. Entering billing information in both BRIDGES and the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) web tool may result in double payment, which will require SCDHHS to take action to recoup payment for any services that were double billed.

All providers, including those serving children enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO), must continue to enter service logs into BRIDGES to ensure complete data collection, program oversight, and federal reporting.

Financial Support Screen Changes

Due to the integration of Medicaid data systems with BRIDGES, all BabyNet children now have an SCDHHS ID number displayed on the Financial Supports screen in BRIDGES. On that screen, if yes is selected for the Medicaid Eligible question, the SCDHHS number is also the child’s Medicaid number. If no is selected for the Medicaid Eligible question, this number does not indicate Medicaid eligibility. The SCDHHS Choice section included in the example below provides three options to indicate if the child is Medicaid Fee-for-Service, Managed Care Organization, or IDEA-Part C Only. Contracted service providers, i.e., therapists, should continue to use the Medicaid Web Tool to verify eligible/ineligible dates. In the example below, because this child is eligible for Medicaid, the SCDHHS number is also the child’s Medicaid ID number.

7.24 Alert Image

Thank you for your continued support of the South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid program.

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