Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part C Program (BabyNet) Updates


Planned BRIDGES Service Code Changes
The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) is changing some billing codes related to services provided through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C Program (commonly known as BabyNet). The changes are a result of the agency’s effort to improve services for infants and toddlers with disabilities and the payment process to providers serving these children through the integration of BabyNet and Healthy Connections Medicaid services.

The code changes will mean some Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) may need to be updated to ensure services rendered are documented and billed accurately. SCDHHS has engaged with its stakeholder community, including service coordinators and providers who render BabyNet services, and received valuable feedback about the impact of the code changes over the last several months. BabyNet state office staff will hold a training webinar at 11 a.m. on Aug. 22 to review the new service names and procedure codes that will be loaded into the BabyNet Reporting & Intervention Data Gathering Electronic System (BRIDGES) at the end of August. During the training webinar, BabyNet staff will demonstrate how service coordinators will ensure the correct services and payor sources are documented on planned services and how providers will request updates if the procedure codes they need to bill are not on the child’s planned services. 

SCDHHS will post a recording of the webinar to the BabyNet websitefor general access. Webinar participants will be able to submit questions during the presentation through the WebEx chat feature. SCDHHS recommends using the WebEx link below for video and calling into the conference number listed for audio. To participate in the webinar, please follow these instructions:

Aug. 22 webinar (11 a.m.-noon)



  • Dial-in: 1-415-655-0001

  • Access code: 743 414 835

  • Meeting number: 743 414 835

Key BabyNet and Healthy Connections Medicaid Contacts
SCDHHS has developed the below table to provide additional direction and clarity on whom to contact with questions about the integration of BabyNet and Healthy Connections Medicaid services.


Target Audience

Email Address

BabyNet billing & reimbursement questions

BabyNet service coordinators and service providers



Claims assistance (where to send invoices, BabyNet prior authorization, & Medicaid EOBs)

BabyNet service coordinators and service providers

Requests to change eligibility or demographic information

BabyNet service coordinators (if sending personal identifiable information send securely)

BabyNet provider enrollment questions

Service coordinators and service providers


Questions related to BRIDGES changes

BabyNet service coordinators


Report Fraud