Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part C Program (BabyNet) Updates and Important Dates


Continuity of Care Period in Effect Oct. 1
The continuity of care period for the integration of the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS), the state’s Medicaid agency, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C program, commonly known as BabyNet, began Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, and will conclude on Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019. A list of resources pertaining to the continuity of care period was included in the September 25 provider alert. Additionally, all previous communications, trainings and provided resources are available on the BabyNet website.

Existing prior authorizations will continue to be honored by managed care organizations (MCOs) as long as the listed service levels have not changed. Any additional service amounts will need to be submitted on a new prior authorization to the relevant MCO along with the Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) planned services screen. Providers should begin delivering services identified on a beneficiary’s IFSP even if a prior authorization has not yet been issued by the MCO; however, please do not submit claims until the prior authorization has been received.

Contact Information and Quick Reference Guide for MCOs Updated
South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid MCOs have provided contact information and answers to commonly asked procedural questions for distribution to BabyNet providers. SCDHHS compiled the information into a centralized table for providers to use as a quick reference guide. Revisions to the table will be made as updates from the MCOs are received; however, providers should confirm with the applicable MCO directly if they have questions about any of the information.

The table is available hereand is also accessible on the agency’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage.

Enrollment in BabyNet Available to Qualified Existing MCO Special Needs Providers
As mentioned above, SCDHHS recently integrated services with the state’s IDEA Part C program, known as BabyNet in South Carolina. The integration aligns SCDHHS’ MCOs with providers of services covered by the BabyNet program. SCDHHS is uniquely positioned to bring Medicaid MCOs and BabyNet providers together to more efficiently and effectively process their Medicaid care plans and individualized family support plans under BabyNet. Children receiving BabyNet services will benefit from the expanded development of available network providers throughout the state.

MCO-contracted providers of early intervention services not previously enrolled with BabyNet must meet certain criteria and complete the necessary agreements to enroll as a SCDHHS BabyNet provider. Participation requirements of BabyNet providers are available on the BabyNet Policy and Procedures websitefor review. Providers who are enrolled in an MCO and are interested in becoming a BabyNet provider should submit the following documents to the BabyNet state office:

  1. BabyNet Provider Enrollment Form

  2. BabyNet Individual User Confidentiality Agreement

  3. Drug-Free Workplace Statement

  4. W-9 Form

  5. Medicaid Provider Number*

  6. Proof of Current Liability Insurance*

  7. Current Licensure

  8. Background Check (issued within the last 365 days), which must include:

  9. Office of Inspector General (OIG)

  10. Sex Offender Registry

  11. Nationwide Criminal History Report

  12. Social Security Number Verification

  13. Residency History Check

  14. Professional License Verification*

*not required for Interpreters

Thank you for your continued support of the Healthy Connections Medicaid and BabyNet programs.

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