Update to Nondiscirmination Portion of the State Plan


The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) has updated the Nondiscimination section of the State Plan. Effective on or after July 1, 2015, SCDHHS will amend the South Carolina Title XIX state plan to:

  1. Update the Assignment of Responsibility portion of the Nondiscrimination section of the State Plan by:
    1. deleting all references to the South Carolina Department of Social Services as a co-governing authority with the SCDHHS;
    2. naming the Americans With Disabilities Act/Civil Rights coordinator and/or the Civil Rights Division as the proper contact(s) about all matters pertaining to nondiscrimination towards applicants or beneficiaries;
    4. setting forth the regulatory and statutory authority under which the Civil Rights Division operates.
  2. Set forth how and to whom nondiscrimination information and policies will be disseminated.
  3. Set forth the Civil Rights Division's plan to maintain and assure compliance by county offices and providers who receive federal funds in their role as Healthy Connections Medicaid providers, including but not limited to nursing homes, hospitals and physicians' offices.
  4. Set forth how discrimination complaints will be handled.


Questions regarding this amendment can be sent to civilrights@scdhhs.gov.

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