Updated Resources for School-based Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services Providers


The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) has posted updated resources in support of its school-based mental health services initiative. These resources include the updated Local Education Agencies (LEA) provider manual, alternative fee schedule and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

Updated LEA Provider Manual

An updated version of the  LEA provider manual  has been published on  SCDHHS’ provider manuals website . The LEA provider manual now reflects the rehabilitative behavioral health services (RBHS) that may be reimbursed when provided in a school-based setting.

Alternative Fee Schedule

SCDHHS has posted an  alternative fee schedule  for the specific RBHS provided in school-based settings included in  Medicaid bulletin 22-009 . The development of the alternative fee schedule is consistent with the  recommendations made by SCDHHS  to improve access to school-based mental health services for children across the state. The fee schedule can be found on  SCDHHS’ fee schedule website.


SCDHHS’ school-based mental health services website  now contains a  listing of FAQs and their responses . SCDHHS will continue to update the FAQ periodically as new questions are submitted for review.

Providers may direct questions regarding these resources to the SCDHHS Office of Behavioral Health at  behavioralhealth004@scdhhs.gov .

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