Action Regarding Tuberculosis (TB) Infected Individuals


The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS), pursuant to the requirement of 42 CFR 447.205, gives notice of the following proposed action regarding Tuberculosis (TB) Infected Individuals.

Effective for service dates on or after November 4, 2014, SCDHHS proposes to make the following changes. SCDHHS will provide a new program that offers Medicaid coverage to persons with latent TB infection or TB disease who are not eligible for regular Medicaid. This coverage will only apply to TB-related healthcare received by the patient including medications, office visits, blood tests, X-rays, and directly observed therapy, and will stop once all TB care and treatment is completed. A policy bulletin will be released with details related to billing and reimbursement.

SCDHHS will contract with the State of South Carolina’s Public Health Agency that specializes in the management of TB treatment to deliver these services. Reimbursement will be based on the Medicaid fee schedule. It is estimated that the annual cost associated with this program will be $4.5 million.

Copies of this notice are available at each County Department of Health and Human Services office and at for public review. Additional information concerning the proposed action is available upon request at the address cited below.

Written comments may be sent to the Division of Medical and Health Services, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Post Office Box 8206, Columbia, South Carolina 29202-8206. Comments may also be submitted to Written and e-mailed comments must be received by November 2, 2014.

Any written comments submitted may be reviewed by the public at the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Medical and Health Services, 1801 Main Street, Columbia, South Carolina, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

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