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The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS), pursuant to the requirements of Title 42 Part 447 Section 205 of the Code of Federal Regulations, gives notice of the following proposed actions regarding Managed Care changes under the State Plan under Title XIX of the Social Security Act Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid).

Effective on or after July 15, 2013, SCDHHS proposes to amend the South Carolina Title XIX State Plan to allow the following changes:

  1. Dual eligible (Medicare/Medicaid) beneficiaries will be placed into Fee-For-Service for an undetermined period of time until the South Carolina Dual Eligible (SCDuE) Demonstration Project is implemented. For additional information on the SCDuE Demonstration Project please visit Please note this Public Notice supersedes the previous Public Notice published on March 31, 2013 stating effective May 1, 2013, SCDHHS would amend the South Carolina Title XIX State Plan to allow Dual Eligible (Medicare-Medicaid) beneficiaries to elect to enroll in a Managed Care Organization (MCO).
  2. SCDHHS will assume the responsibility for the face to face informed choice counseling with Beneficiaries who are selecting a managed care option. This task was previously the responsibility of the enrollment broker.
  3. To make beneficiaries under one (1) year of age a mandatory managed care eligible group and thereby, provide for better care coordination for this group.


SCDHHS does not anticipate a financial impact on the proposed changes above.

Copies of this notice are available for at each County Department of Health and Human Services Office and at for public review. Additional information regarding this proposed action is available upon request at the address cited below.

Written comments may be sent to SCDHHS, Division of Care Management, Jefferson Square Building, 8th Floor, Post Office Box 8206, Columbia, South Carolina 29202-8206. Comments may also be submitted to Written and e-mailed comments must be received by July 1, 2013.

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