Health Access at the Right Time (HeART)


Community Health Worker application deadline extended

The CHW application deadline is extended to January 31st by 12 pm (noon).HeART is comprised of a variety of initiatives developed to identify alternative methods and providers of health care delivery to Medicaid recipients. It is a collaborative effort of over 50 stakeholders from across the state that has a vested interest in promoting improved population health outcomes. 

The HeART initiatives include: 

Community Health Workers (CHW): The objective of the CHW program is to improve patient care and health outcomes through compliance in areas such as health screenings, maintaining office appointments as well as in adherence to medication therapy. These individuals will interface between the clinical practice and the community where they reside. CHWs will be certified through a training program to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate support, guidance and encouragement for patients, and to help patients receive needed follow-up care through their medical home physician. The four project goals are:

  1. To increase value of the partnership between the patient and the physician/medical homes.
  2. To decrease emergency room visits and hospitalizations by improving utilization of the medical home
  3. To improve Medicaid recipients’ chronic disease management skills and engagement with primary health care
  4. To reduce costs and improve health outcomes


South Carolina Medicaid and the Hybrid Clinic Model

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