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Third Party Liability (TPL)

Effective July 2, 2018, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina (BCBSSC) will perform the following third party liability (TPL) services on behalf of the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS):

  • Other Health Insurance (OHI) verification and maintenance in the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS);
  • Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program;
  • Casualty;
  • Estate Recovery;
  • Special Needs Trust;
  • Support services for the retro Medicare, retro health and pay and chase benefit recovery invoices; and
  • Fund Recovery for provider, insurer and beneficiary refunds, which includes credit balance reviews and collections from inactive provider accounts.

Updated contact information is provided below.

Mailing Addresses:

Healthy Connections, P.O. Box 100127, Columbia, SC 29202-3127

  • General mail: Healthy Connections, P.O. Box 101110, Columbia, SC 29211
  • All Refund Checks: Healthy Connections, P.O. Box 8355, Columbia, SC 29202
  • Casualty, Estate Recovery and HIPP correspondence:



Telephone and Fax Numbers:

Other Health Insurance1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 1803-252-0870 Fax
Fund Recovery1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 1803-462-2582 Fax
General Correspondence1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 1803-462-2583 Fax
Casualty1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 2803-462-2579 Fax
Estate Recovery1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 3803-462-2579 Fax
HIPP1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 4803-462-2580 Fax
Special Needs Trust1-888-289-0709, option 5, option 5803-462-2579 Fax

Providers are encouraged to voluntarily report and refund TPL resources to SCDHHS upon discovery. For more information, please review the TPL Supplement the provider manual available at

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