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In addition to information about how to submit claims and view remits, SCDHHS offers tools to find specific information, such as claim status and member eligibility status. SCDHHS accepts claims in a variety of formats, including electronic and paper claims. 

Note: These claim filing options apply only to providers that will file a direct claim to SCDHHS. Providers filing a dental or pharmacy claim or filing with a MCO, should refer to the claims filing options detailed in the respective provider manuals.

Providers filing directly to SCDHHS may choose one or more of the following options for filing claims:

Paper Claim Submissions

Paper claims are mailed to Medicaid Claims Receipt at the following address:

  • Medicaid Claims Receipt, P.O. Box 1412, Columbia, SC 29202-1412
Electronic Claim Submissions

South Carolina Medicaid Web-based Claims Submission Tool

This tool is a free, online Web-based application for submitting HIPAA-compliant professional claims, institutional claims, and associated adjustments to South Carolina Medicaid.

SC Medicaid Portal

File Transfer Protocol

A biller using this option exchanges electronic transactions with South Carolina Medicaid over the Internet.