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SCDHHS Director Robby Kerr and the agency's executive staff have developed a strategic plan that seeks to leverage the agency’s role as a major public health agency and health care payor to improve outcomes for South Carolinians. This strategic plan is centered around four strategic goals.

Goal 1: Member Experience: Ensure a responsive member experience —The intent of this goal is to improve how Healthy Connections Medicaid members interact with the agency. At its core, a responsive member experience means improving the accuracy and timeliness of Medicaid eligibility decisions. 

Goal 2: Services:   Purchase access to needed health services —As a publicly funded agency that also plays a major role in the health outcomes of so many South Carolinians, SCDHHS must make accurate and data-driven decisions. Developing data-driven models and systems that continually monitor access to covered services and health outcomes will allow the agency to balance its obligation to wisely spend taxpayer funds while ensuring access to quality care for Medicaid members.

Goal 3: Quality:   Improve the health and wellbeing of members through a continuous quality improvement strategy —Over the last year, SCDHHS has launched initiatives and enacted policy changes designed to improve health outcomes for specific populations that are largely served by the agency. As the largest payor for health care services for children in South Carolina and the organization that finances the majority of the births that occur in the state, SCDHHS’ emphasis is on improving the quality of care received by children and new mothers.

Goal 4: Operations: Efficiently and effectively align the agency’s administrative resources —Administrative and support functions are critical to the agency’s ability to be boldly innovative in improving the health and quality of life for South Carolinians. SCDHHS’ goal to efficiently and effectively align the agency’s administrative resources is important for building and maintaining core competencies supporting every goal, strategy and measure established by the agency. Most importantly, we will not succeed in achieving this goal, or our new mission and strategic plan, if we do not do a better job keeping our talented staff here at the agency and ensuring you have the training and tools you need to be productive and successful.

Image showing the previous descriptions of the goals