Medically Indigent Assistance Program (MIAP)

This Healthy Connections program sponsors inpatient hospital care for individuals meeting eligibility criteria.


A person who may qualify for the MIAP must:

  • Be a South Carolina resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien

Inmates or residents of other governmental institutions are not eligible.

Income Limit: 

Family income cannot exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level

Additionally, an applicant’s resources and assets cannot exceed the following thresholds:

Primary Residence (the home you live in)

  • $35,000 limit on equity value
  • A family farm of 50 acres or less on which the applicant or his family has lived for at least 25 years is excluded from resources.

Personal Property

  • Equity interest in real property and taxable personal property (such as motor vehicles) cannot exceed a combined total value of $6,000

Liquid Assets

  • Assets in cash cannot exceed $500

An applicant with excess liquid assets may establish eligibility by spending the family's excess liquid assets on valid debts such as rent/mortgage, utilities and medical expenses.


Individuals who are eligible will receive all Medicaid covered services.

To Apply: 

Apply online  or complete the following form(s) and submit it electronically to , by mail to SCDHHS-Central Mail, P.O. Box 100101, Columbia, SC 29202-3101 or to your local county office.

Contact your hospital's Social Services Dept.

Report Fraud