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Head and Spinal Cord Injury Waiver Amendment and Community Supports Waiver Renewal


The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) is announcing the approval and implementation of an amendment to the Head and Spinal Cord Injury (HASCI) waiver and renewal of the Community Supports waiver effective July 1, 2022. Both waivers are operated by the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN).

The HASCI waiver amendment includes the following major changes:

  • The addition of independent living skills as a waiver service;
  • The addition of remote supports as part of assistive technology;
  • The option for respite to be self-directed;
  • The transition to residential habilitation tiers of service; and,
  • Increased payment rates for the following services: respite, residential habilitation, day activity, career preparation, employment services, attendant care, waiver case management and nursing.

The Community Supports waiver renewal includes the following major changes:

  • The option for respite to be self-directed; and,
  • Increased payment for the following services: personal care, day activity, career preparation, community services, employment services, in-home support and waiver case management.

For more information concerning SCDDSN waiver services, please refer to the SCDDSN waiver manuals on SCDDSN’s website.

For a copy of all waiver fee schedules, please refer to SCDHHS’ Community Long-Term Care (CLTC) Fee Schedule. The HASCI, Community Supports and Intellectual Disability/Related Disabilities waivers each have separate tabs within the Excel document.

Copies of the approved waiver documents are available on SCDHHS’ website.

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