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Incontinence Suppplies (IS) include:

  • Diapers
  • Briefs
  • Incontinence pads
  • Med pads (chux)
  • Wipes

Incontinence supplies can be delivered monthly, every other month or quarterly.

For adults, the maximum amount that can be received is one of each item monthly. For children the maximum amount varies up to what is considered medically necessary (usually up to 5 cases for diapers/briefs and 4 packs of wipes monthly).

To qualify for incontinence supplies, the applicant must:

  • Be at least four years of age.
  • Have Medicaid.
  • Have a doctor who has knowledge of the incontinence, and has been seen by that doctor within the last year.
  • The doctor must be willing to sign a physician certification of incontinence.

To apply, complete a referral form or call the intake line.

Incontinence Supplies Vendor BID Solicitation

Incontinence Supplies FAQs

How do I make a referral for IS?

IS referrals can be made by calling CLTC Centralized Intake at 888-971-1637, by electronic referral, or by going under applications on participant’s dashboard in Phoenix and clicking on New Incontinence Supplies Application.

What is the process for receiving IS?

The status of an IS application can be found by clicking application on participant’s dashboard and then checking waiver supports. If provider choice list has been returned with choices, signed, and dated. IS referral has been made.  Once referral has been accepted by a provider, provider will then send physician certification of incontinence to participant’s physician.  Once physician has signed the certification of incontinence, the form is then sent back to the IS provider and acknowledged in Phoenix under Forms.  At the point IS authorizations are created and notification letter mailed to participant and/or PC. 

What it the status of my IS?

Status is initial or participating (has been enrolled). The most prevalent status is that the provider has accepted IS referral and is awaiting receipt of completed physician certification of incontinence back from participant’s physician.

Once authorized, when will I receive IS?

Provider has 30 days to deliver IS from date of authorization, but most providers try to get supplies out by the last day of the month in which IS authorizations are created.

Can participants receive more IS?

Yes, a reassessment will be performed by a DHHS nurse for all requests for additional supplies.

How is it determined the amount of increased supplies an adult (age 21 and older can receive)?

A new IS assessment would have to be completed.  If participant’s bowel or bladder rating has changed to where participant is experiencing more frequent bouts of incontinence, there can be a change in frequency.  For example a participant can possibly go from getting IS quarterly, to getting them monthly after new assessment has been completed.

Who can receive both briefs or diapers and incontinence pads (Poise pads)?

Anyone who is frequently or total incontinent of bladder and/or bowel.

How is it determined the amount of supplies a child (age 4 to 20) can receive?

From the IS policy: “Children ages 4 to 20 may exceed the state plan frequency limits for Incontinence Supplies per Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) policy if medically necessary.” A DHHS RN will perform a reassessment for all requests for additional supplies.