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What is QTIP?

The Quality through Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics (QTIP) program works to improve health care for children in South Carolina by working on quality measures and incorporating mental health into a medical home.  Started in 2010 under a CHIPRA federal grant, this program brings practices together to collaborate on specific measures and foster quality improvement projects at each practice site.  At the conclusion of the grant in 2016, SCDHHS chose to continue many of the program's components.

The project's key goals:

  • To provide useful strategies for working on core measures
  • To improve children’s quality of care by promoting the pediatric medical home
  • To achieve mental health competency in the pediatric medical home

QTIP represents a unique opportunity for South Carolina pediatricians to help develop quality improvement tools that will lead to better health outcomes for current and future generations of patients.

QTIP Application